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"ALLY MIROO" winter 2015 new conference
TIMTEX Garment Co., Ltd held 2014 celebr

    We, Timtex Garment Co., Ltd, is a large and modernized enterprise which was established at the beginning of 2000.We mainly produce newborn's, baby's and children’s knitted garment, including baby set, romper,T-shirt, pajama, underwear, bib, blouse, brief, pants, trousers and so on. Furthermore, we also produce men’s and women’s T-shirt, pajama and underwear...

Add:Xiaolan Town.Zhongshan City.Guanggong Province.P.R.C.
Email:[email protected]
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Add:Xiaolan Town.Zhongshan City.Guanggong Province.P.R.C.  Tel:(86)-760-22133889    
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